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    Five wonderful ways to spend Mother’s Day on a budget

    Five wonderful ways to spend Mother’s Day on a budget

    With Mother’s day just around the corner, it’s time to ponder what we can do for the woman who gave us life, the woman who has guided our journey with love and support. We owe so much gratitude to our mothers - they are doctors, therapists, protectors, safe places, purveyors of love and nourishment and so much more. So Mother’s Day is one of the most visceral and special holidays of the year.
    But what to get the woman who gave you everything, especially if you’re on a tight budget? The way we see it, an experience is significantly more valuable than any jewel or expensive trinket. It’s not objects that we celebrate on this important day, it’s our moms, all they do for us, and our connection with them that truly makes Mother’s Day what it is. With that in mind, we’re here to show you that you can create everlasting Mother’s Day memories this year, without exhausting your wallet. Here are a few ways to give mom an unforgettable Mother’s day on a budget!


    1. Take an art class together

    Whether it’s painting, sculpture, scrapbooking or pottery, using your hands to create something beautiful is a wonderful way to bond and connect with a common goal, and you’ll have something to take away afterwards! Bonus points if you give your mom what you created after the class. After all, moms are famous for saying “the best gift you can give me is something you made yourself”- and that doesn’t just apply to us as children. Turn that mentality into a gift you give your mom in your adult life and see the delight in her eyes, at the same time offering her a hands-on experience with you that she will never forget. Check your local community centres- most offer these types of one-day classes at low cost!


    2. Give the gift of photos

    Photos are precious memories, moments frozen in time to enjoy forever. Moms love photos of their children, so go through all your old pics and maybe even take some
    new portraits of you and your siblings. Select the best of the best, and put them in a beautiful photo album for mom. Another photo related idea? Hire a student photographer to take some new family portraits in the park - moms LOVE when their whole family gets together for a photo. Then have the best photo printed onto a canvas and present it to mom to put on display wherever she chooses.


    3. Make her favourite meal

    Give mom a well deserved break from the kitchen by gathering all the ingredients for her favourite dinner and dessert and treating her to a home cooked meal, where the guest of honour doesn’t have to lift a finger! Plan it out perfectly, maybe even presenting handmade menus and fresh flowers as centrepieces. Mom will always remember the time you made her the perfect Mother’s Day meal! Plus, without the noisy chatter at a restaurant where you’ll encounter a lot of other people’s energy, at home you can fully focus on mom and your intimate dinner together.


    4. Go on a nature walk

    Connecting with Mother Earth is a wonderful - and free! - way to connect with your own mother. Do some forest bathing, walk along an ocean, river, lake or beach, or find a trail you’ve never taken, and gather some souvenirs like wildflowers and stones to remember the day. Don’t forget to take some selfies of you and your mom out in nature so that years from now, you can revisit that perfect hike or stroll. If you’ve got a little extra in your budget, spoil mom and yourself with beautiful new Mia Melon jackets to wear on your walk! :) We happen to have a very special sale in honour of Mother’s Day, so head over to the sale page and enjoy a BOGO 40% off as well as free shipping over $125! :) 

    5. Movie night/Slumber party

    Gather two or three of your mom’s favourite movies, and her favourite snacks, and have a good old fashioned slumber party movie night! Add wine, chocolate, face masks, massages- whatever makes your mom feel relaxed and special. Pampering your mother this way allows her to feel important and lets her get some unforgettable quality time with you - and if you ask any mother, they’re likely to tell you there’s no better gift than that.

    Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Mia Melon! :)

    Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear Weatherproof bags

    Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear Weatherproof bags

    You look up at the sky and see looming dark clouds, threatening to spill at any moment. You’ve got your Mia Melon jacket ready, but what about all the stuff you want to bring with you? Your book, your makeup, your tablet... Whatever it is that you travel with, rest assured that you can now do so in style without worrying about keeping your essentials safe. Why? Because we’ve got a collection of weatherproof bags that, in typical Mia Melon tradition, are equal parts stylish and functional. Plus, the styles are so diverse that there’s something for every bag lover! Each bag is made with a Cotton/Poly Denim fabric with Nylon Taffeta lining. Our bags are no exception to the Mia Melon rule - they each feature our special windproof and waterproof technology. So pack your belongings with the peace of mind of knowing they will be as dry as you are!


    Mia Melon Backpack

    Best. Backpack. Ever! With its neutral olive colour scheme that goes with EVERYTHING, this backpack is totally unisex, plus it has endless, irresistible features. This is the backpack you’ve been waiting for. Add that to the fact that it’s weatherproof and it’s a no-brainer - you need this in your life! The Mia Melon Backpack is as practical as it is beautiful. It features  an internal zipper pocket, adjustable padded straps, a top cinch with magnetic flap, an internal laptop sleeve, and phone and pen pockets. Double front straps with stylish buckles top it all off. Need we say more? Now, just take a look at it. You’re welcome!



    Mia Melon Tote

    Got some errands to run, but the weather’s getting you down? No worries! Keep your groceries, books, anything you need to carry with you safe and dry in the fashionable Mia Melon tote. Sleek and sophisticated, this tote features an internal zipper pocket, removable crossbody strap (we’re all about versatility!), and cute tote handles with a top zipper opening. And did we mention it’s windproof and waterproof? What are you waiting for? Get yours here.

    Mia Melon Bucket Bag

    Cutest. Bucket Bag. Ever. With  adjustable straps, a top cinch and magnetic clasp, plus the decorative and functional cinch cords that fall down the front of the bag in the more adorable way, this little bucket bag is perfect for throwing a change of clothes in, or packing the essentials for a quick hike or road trip. Of course, it’s also windproof and waterproof. You can’t lose! Get yours here.

    Which bag would YOU choose? Send us some snaps of you in your Mia Melon wear and be automatically entered into our Travel Club for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

    Wishing you a warm, dry and stylish Spring,

    The Mia Melon team

    Cozy Weatherproof Hoodies for men

    Cozy Weatherproof Hoodies for men

    Welcome to the final instalment of our Spring 2018 Collection blog series! This time around, we’ll explore the men’s additions to the collection. Father’s day is coming up, and any dad on your list would LOVE one of our versatile new weatherproof hoodies! Read on to find out more.


    New One Man Hoodies

    You didn’t think we’d leave the men out of our Spring 2018 collection, did you?  This season, your man can stay warm and dry while looking absolutely dapper in our striking new weatherproof hoodies. Here’s the scoop on these amazing new offerings.


    One Man Coast Hoodie

    Made with our exclusive waterproof and windproof fabric technology, the Coast Hoodie is sleek, stylish and super versatile. It’s modern, minimalistic and easy to wear virtually anywhere this Spring, right through to fall. The light Rayon Jersey fabric offers comfortable stretch, while the microfleece lining delivers warmth without allowing him to overheat. Of course, we haven’t forgotten the fun features; the Coast Hoodie boasts a two-way zipper, deep pockets with snap closures, an internal phone pocket with secure zipper, a fashionable high neck, and an oversized hood with draw cords. The Coast Hoodie is perfect for commuting, camping trips, and Spring strolls. Available in icy Vapour and classic Black. Get yours here.


    One Man Tacoma Sweater Knit Hoodie

    Get cozy in this super soft, luxuriously cozy Cotton/Poly knit hoodie. Crafted with our special waterproof and windproof technology, stay dry and get your Spring on in style with the Tacoma Sweater Knit Hoodie. Casual yet refined, this hoodie features soft brushed mesh backing, fleece lined deep pockets, an internal sleeve phone pocket, and an oversized hood. A zip pocket at the chest adds a fashionable touch and more convenience. Perfect for cycling, hitting the gym, kayaking or whatever comes his way this Spring and Summer! Available in Grey and Black. Get yours here.

    Get your Spring on with our new Ladie's Waterproof Hoodies

    Get your Spring on with our new Ladie's Waterproof Hoodies

    Ah, the hoodie. A classic fashion staple for both men and women, the hoodie is beloved for its casual comfort and effortless cool. And while the term “waterproof” probably isn’t the first thing you’d associate with a hoodie, we’re pretty confident that you’ll be a believer by the end of this post.

    At Mia Melon, we are proud innovators. We create our outerwear based on the simple principle that fashion and functionality can co-exist happily in the world of weatherproof clothing. We’ve shown shining examples of this philosophy with our jackets, and now we’ve done it again by perfecting waterproof hoodies that are at once soft, cozy, high-performance and absolutely beautiful. We are pleased to introduce four new women’s waterproof hoodies and two new men’s waterproof hoodies as part of our Spring 2018 collection. Like every Mia Melon jacket, these hoodies all feature our special windproof and waterproof technology, and each hoodie can easily take you from Spring to Fall.

    Ready to get acquainted with your new favourite hoodie? Read on!

    Women’s Waterproof Hoodies

    Camino Sweater Knit Hoodie

    Mia Melon Weatherproof Hoodie

    Soft, stretchy and sweet, the waterproof and windproof Camino Sweater Knit Hoodie is a longline zip-up hoodie with pretty princess seams, lending a polished look. A comfy cotton/poly knit available in your choice of Grey, Black, or Sage (in a heathered blend), the Camino is perfect to wear to the beach, an outdoor concert or anywhere you want to be extra comfy and maintain a chic look this season. Thoughtful denim detailing across the shoulders brings just the right amount of cool, while the soft cotton/poly knit, internal wind flap and soft brushed mesh interior bring the warmth. Additional features include a high collar, an oversized hood and fleece zippered pockets. The Camino Sweater Hoodie is as fresh as Spring itself! Get yours here  


    Commuter Rain Hoodie

      Mia Melon Commuter

      Features, features, and more features! The Commuter Rain Hoodie has it all. Look fantastic and stay warm and dry throughout your busy day with this adorable and durable rain hoodie. Crafted with soft rayon jersey fabric with just the right amount of stretch, this waterproof and windproof hoodie was designed with urban cycles and daily commuters in mind. Raglan sleeves offer a more relaxed fit in the shoulders and arms, a microfleece interior keeps you toasty warm, and the 2-way zipper allows for better movement. Deep, roomy hand pockets are lined with fleece for an extra dose of comfort. One of our favourite features of this amazing waterproof hoodie is the zipper detail at the back. This can be worn open to show the relofective details or closed for a modern minimalistic look. No matter where you take the Commuter Rain Hoodie, you’ll be the talk of the town! Available in Blush (soft, pastel-like pink), Vapor (light, icy grey) and classic Black. For more info, or to simply go ahead and add the Commuter Rain Hoodie to your cart, click here

      Kimono Light Waterproof Hoodie

        Mia Melon Kimono

        Another soft and stretchy piece, the Kimono Light Waterproof Hoodie is one of a kind. Made with luxuriously comfy Rayon Jersey Fabric, this zip-up hoodie can take you to the gym, out for groceries, a casual coffee with your bestie, or any adventure Spring brings you way! The shortest in length of all our hoodies, the Kimono gives off a slightly sporty edge while still screaming fashion. Feel extra pretty with feminine touches like notch detailing at the cuff and hem, and a slight flare at the hip. Top it all off with fleece-lined hand pockets, cozy microfleece interior, an attached hood with adorable drawstring cord and raglan arms. Your choice of Black, Vapor, or Blush. Cozy and cool DO belong together!

        Get your own Kimono Light Waterproof Hoodie here

        Tofino Sweater Knit Hoodie

          Mia Melon Tofino Weatherproof Hoodie

          This waterproof and windproof hoodie, crafted with a cotton/poly knit, features a playful asymmetrical zipper front. Soft brushed light mesh interior and fleece lined hand pockets offer the ultimate toasty warmth and dryness. An oversized hood with snap closure keeps you cute and cozy, while the  darted bust and exaggerated hemline add a tailored, feminine vibe. Available in Black, Grey, and Sage (heathered), The Tofino Sweater Knit hoodie looks amazing dressed up or down, so throw on some skinnies and a pair of flats or a skirt with knee-high boots with it - the possibilities are endless!

          Covet your own Tofino Sweater Knit Hoodie here

          Which hoodie can you see yourself wearing them? Or maybe it’s all four of them (and we wouldn’t blame you for that!)

          Grab your favourites from our Spring Collection while you can, and don’t forget to snap photos wearing them! Any photos you send us in your MM gear grants you entrance to our exclusive Travel Club - which means you could win a HUGE Mia Melon prize. Find out more here.

          Stay tuned for the final instalment of our Spring 2018 blog introduction, which will give you the lowdown on our new men’s hoodies and our gorgeous new weatherproof bags!

          Stay warm, dry, and beautiful - we’ve got you covered on all bases!

          Swing into Spring with Mia Melon's new Modern Lightweight Rain Shells!

          Swing into Spring with Mia Melon's new Modern Lightweight Rain Shells!

          Spring has Sprung, and we are honoring the season of rebirth and regrowth with a fresh new Mia Melon collection! We couldn't be happier to introduce our newest batch of stylish Spring outerwear. MM’s stunning Spring 2018 collection features lighter twists on old favourites as well as brand new designs, in a compelling palette of pretty pastels balanced with essential grays and blacks.

          The entire collection boasts Mia Melon’s signature fabric technology, which is both waterproof and windproof. Fabrics like cotton herringbone, rayon jersey, and cotton/poly sweater knit range from light to mid weight, and as always, effortlessly stylish design bridges the gap between fashion and function. Our exclusive breathable weatherproof membrane keeps you dry, while consciously created linings (soft brushed mesh, cozy microfleece) ensure maximum coziness. Whether your adventure is the first beach party of the season, Spring Sunday brunch, a bike ride, or a stroll through the cherry blossoms, be the first of your friends to rock the Mia Melon Spring 2018 Collection, and get ready to hear; “Where did you get that gorgeous jacket?” all season long!

          Our Spring 2018 collection is features weatherproof shells, hoodies and bags. Allow us to introduce you to the shells first, with a follow-up post on the rest of the collection.

          Ready to fall in love? Then keep reading!

          Ava Modern Light Rain Shell

          We are thrilled to introduce a lighter version of the ever-popular Ava Modern Rain Jacket. This jacket has been beloved since its release, and its Spring counterpart is sure to be just as coveted. With its gorgeous funnel neck, on-trend longline style accentuated by a flattering removable waist-tie belt, this shell is the perfect choice to wear to Spring brunch with the girls, a walk in the park, or even to work! Dress it up easily, or wear it casually. Features like a removable hood make the Ava Modern Rain Shell that much easier to style and simple to adjust according to weather. Available in sunny Yellow, sweet Robin’s Egg blue and classic black, Ava’s cotton herringbone outer fabric and quick dry brushed mesh lining add up to a dazzling jacket that’ll keep you comfy, cozy and beautiful from Spring to fall.

          Get yours here

          Stella Modern Lightweight Rain Shell

          Another new take on a classic MM jacket, the Stella rain shell also features a funnel neck, front zip closure and removable hood. The A-line cut offers more room in the hip, buttocks and waist. Slightly more casual than the Ava, Stella is still simple to dress up or down, and features an adorable cinch in the back. Made with ultra soft cotton herringbone and lined with quick dry brushed mesh, the Stella Modern Lightweight Rain Shell is what Spring dreams are made of! We love it for Spring shopping, first dates, and garden parties. Where would you wear yours?

          Grab a Stella shell here


          Vanessa 2 Lightweight Modern Rain Shell

          Mia Melon Vanessa Spring

          You’re not seeing double! The Vanessa 2 does have all the features of the original Vanessa Modern rain shell, but this new version has an extra inch of zipper length, and of course, is available in the new colours (Robin’s Egg and Yellow) as well as the classic black. Enjoy the lightweight cotton herringbone lined with quick dry brushed mesh for superior comfort and weatherproof protection. The lightweight nature of the Vanessa 2 makes it the perfect choice for travel, since it’s so simple to pack, and the A-Line cut makes it easy to add layers underneath for extra warmth. The asymmetrical zipper adds a fun, quirky touch to the Vanessa 2.

          Snag your own Vanessa 2 here

          Our Spring 2018 Rain Shells are sleek, sophisticated and versatile. Which one will YOU be wearing this Spring? Send us a photo of you in your favourite piece from the MM Spring collection to instantly become part of our exclusive travel club. Find out more about the travel club here, and keep your eyes glued to the blog for upcoming posts on the rest of our Spring 2018 collection.


          Happy Spring!