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    Mia Melon's Travel Club - the perfect jacket for any travel addict!

    Mia Melon's Travel Club - the perfect jacket for any travel addict!

    Ireland, England, Oregon, Iceland, Venice, Pakistan, Vancouver. What do they all have in common? They’re all places that our travel-loving customers have worn and adored their Mia Melon weatherproof jackets and coats!

    How do we know this? Because of our Mia Melon Travel Club, a place where we showcase our amazing customers wearing Mia Melon all over the world! The Travel Club’s mission is to celebrate and show the diversity of our customers, their travel destinations, and our weatherproof jackets and coats.

    We created our beloved Travel Club for many reasons, but the two most important ones in our minds are:

    1. It’s a chance to connect with you via images and storytelling - and that’s something we’re really into. After all, YOU are the foundation of Mia Melon. We love seeing our jackets in action as they jet set with our savvy and stunning customers. It’s a treat to see our passion paying off and watching our jackets work their magic in so many different places truly is the ultimate reward.

    1.  Our Travel Club allows us to show an entirely different, real-life side of Mia Melon to you. It’s about real people, real life, and real travel stories that include our amazing weatherproof jackets. We could talk all day about why we love our jackets, (and we do, because we believe in what we create), but there’s nothing quite like showing you what an actual customer’s experience with Mia Melon has been. When we can proudly display someone happily travelling in their Mia Melon weatherproof jacket or coat, that’s some undeniably powerful proof that our jackets are durable, gorgeous and travel-friendly. It’s validating for us, and we treasure the opportunity to present that to you. It enables us to offer a real-life glimpse that we hope will excite, engage and inspire you to rock your own Mia Melon outerwear.

    Why exactly are these jackets and coats so efficient in so many different climates? Innovative design and our breakthrough technology mean Mia Melon’s jackets are perfect for travelling - they’re lightweight, so they won’t add heaviness to your suitcase, and since they’re specifically made for virtually any weather condition your travels throw at you, they eliminate the need to pack several jackets for different types of weather.

    Thanks to cutting edge designs that blend timeless elegance with fresh modern minimalism, our jackets, coats and accessories fit in anywhere. This means that no matter where you go, you’ll come across as someone who knows their way around and looks great navigating any territory. Mia Melon wear allows you the freedom to wander unknown terrain and stand out in style- but it also enables you to look like you’re right at home in your travels.

    Our Travel Club is a chance to connect intimately with customers, and to connect you to other Mia Melon supporters as they share their travel experiences, looking gorgeous and keeping cozy in their MM wear. It’s also a way to show our appreciation, a chance for us to give something back. You see, whenever we receive a photo and story of a customer, we enter the photo into our amazing Travel Club contests. Our prize packs are incredible, since we want to be generous as a way of thanking you for your support of the brand. For example, our current giveaway worth over $500 is HUGE! The winner will receive these items, absolutely FREE:

    Mia Melon Travel Club Rewards

    We told you it was huge! The best part? You still have time to enter! Simply send your photo (or a short and sweet video) and a brief description of who you are and where you are in the photo before March 31st 2018 and you’ll automatically be entered. And there’s more! Each and every participant will receive 20% off their next Mia Melon purchase and a free reload bottle of DWR to keep their Mia Melon gear in mint condition!

    What are you waiting for? Whether it’s a beach, a mountain-top, a rainforest, urban terrain or anything in between, we want to see YOU in your Mia Melon! So join our Travel Club and find out exactly how Mia Melon can take you ANYWHERE with comfort, efficiency, and style.

    Find out more about our Travel Club, and all the details on the contest, right HERE!

    Can Rain Gear be Stylish? We say YES!

    Can Rain Gear be Stylish? We say YES!

    Here in Vancouver, rain is a recurring theme, particularly in winter. It’s not referred to as “Raincouver” for nothing, after all, and this is the time of year when pretty much everyone has their rain gear within arms reach at all times. From jackets and boots to umbrellas and bags, weatherproof wear is a hot topic around here. We identified a need on the west coast and beyond for ladies weatherproof jacket that could provide effective protection from the elements while still offering impeccable style, and have built our brand on that.

    The general consensus that we heard and were inspired by when creating Mia Melon was that stylish rain jackets, boots, etc., seemed to be virtually nonexistent, or at the very least, difficult to find. Sure, you could easily snap up a cool jean jacket or a gorgeous winter coat, but ladies rain jackets seemed to be, for the most part, unremarkable by design.

    Our mission? To offer weatherproof jackets (and more) that keep you warm, dry and ready for anything while at the same time slaying the fashion game. In our outerwear, you will find attention to fine details, a penchant for interesting garment architecture, and classy styles and colours to put an immediate end to your frumpy rain jacket woes.

    Stay warm and dry, and look incredible with these weatherproof essentials that compromise neither functionality nor style!

    Mia Melon Everglades Rain Style Jacket

    Every single one of Mia Melon’s ladies weatherproof jackets are gorgeous, but this one is definitely a fan favorite. It’s fashionable enough to wear to a formal occasion yet can be made more casual by removing the belt and wearing with skinny jeans or leggings. The neck is a stellar feature- wear the collar up to show the amazing geometric shape, or down, thanks to the convenient button closure. The hood is removable, which is an awesome feature, and this beautiful weatherproof jacket comes in three colours to suit a wide variety of skin tones. Made with Mia Melon’s cotton herringbone outer fabric and waterproof/windproof breathable membrane, the Everglades Rain Style jacket is the epitome of a ladies weatherproof jacket that keeps you cozy and bone dry while catching everyone’s eye in an instant.


    Hunter Refined Chelsea Gloss Rain Boots

    A new version of the classic Chelsea rain boot, these are made with a slimmer fit for a more modern look, and the super stylish high-gloss finish is the crowning glory. These adorable ankle boots are made with thinner rubber to create a more refined appearance. Handcrafted and absolutely gorgeous, they will keep your feet dry and cozy without the bulk and industrial look many rain boots have. Let them can take you from day to night- they are dressy enough to wear with dress pants, skirts and dresses but casual enough to look great with jeans and pants. Add a fashionable twist to your rain boot game with the Refined Chelsea Gloss boots.

    Umbrella Haven Fulton Birdcage Umbrella

    The minimalistic approach is to die for! Sleek and modern with a nod to 1960’s mod, this umbrella is simple and sophisticated. Mostly clear, which allows the raindrops to be seen (an effect I find enchanting) with black trim, this is a bold fashion statement. Who says umbrellas can’t be cool?

    Now, imagine if you will, stepping out in Mia Melon’s Everglades Rain Style Jacket, the high gloss boots and that edgy umbrella. Have you changed your mind on rain gear not being stylish yet?

    Hands up if you’re now wishing for rain! We know we are.