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One Man Outerwear

Water & Windproof Cotton / Wool Blend Coats to Protect You from the Elements.


Special Thermal Membrane

Our special thin thermal membrane is a layer that is laminated between our outer cotton/wool fabric and our fleece/mesh or insulated interior. The thermal membrane is windproof, waterproof and breathable but will
deflect heat back towards your body. This allows us to accomplish the same amount of warmth using less materials compared to other average street coats. This high tech membrane will always keep you warm and dry in the snow, wind, rain and any other elements.

DWR Coating

DWR stands for durable water repellency and we apply this treatment to the outside of the coat. What this does, is it keeps the water bead off, repels dirt and helps maintain the integrity of the coat. he DWR is the first line of defense to mother nature.


One of the most unique aspects of One Man Outerwear is that we design jackets that are both weatherproof and stylish, a rarity in the industry. We compromise neither efficiency nor style in our quest to bring you durable, high fashion outerwear. Our fabrics play a big role in what sets our jackets apart. Most outdoor stores carry jackets that are certainly weatherproof, but not necessarily stylish. This has a lot to do with the fabrics used.

All Seasons

Light to Heavy Weight

We design Essential Timeless Jackets and Coats that are perfectly
adapted to all temperatures and ready to embark on your new adventure!


Beautiful modern Jacket, the material is visibly high quality. The cut/shape is fashionable, easily worn with a suit, biz casual, or the rest of your closet. the fleece lined pockets are a nice touch and they zip close.

Happy F. Washington, US

I bought this coat for my husband, and he loves it. He wore it for a winter trip to Portland and it was perfect for both the city and the forest. He kept his phone in the front zip pocket, and said the coat kept him warm and dry. The coat also dries quickly after getting wet.


I got this for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. It's such great quality. I also love my coats from Mia melon, so much so that I've replaced all of mine with Mia melon. So well made and comfortable. Absolutely worth every penny. The men's coats are a bit big, my husband is a small guy and the small is a bit big.


This jacket is already my favorite of all time and I've only owned it for a week! My wife and I went online to look for the best water proof jackets and MiaMelon popped up on that list. We ordered one each and already have an additional order going. This jacket is lightweight, wind proof (I mean, your face will be cold in the snow, but not your body), and the most comfortable jacket I own. The pockets are extremely warm and will keep you ready for the cold mornings or frigid evenings!

Adam A.