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    Outer Layer  -  It starts with the outer fabric. We design all our own fabrics from scratch.  

    Inner Micro-fleece - The inside is a cozy and comfortable micro-fleece interior. It doesn't scratch and is very warm and comfortable.

    Special Thermal Membrane - Bonded in-between the micro-fleece and wool is the secret to the coats performance. We insert a waterproof and windproof thermal membrane that deflects your body heat back towards your body. This allows for less material to accomplish the same amount of warmth performance. The membrane is also a wind barrier, keeping the wind chill out. 

    DWR Coating - DWR stands for durable water resistance and we apply this treatment to the outside of the coat. What this does, is help water bead off the coat instead of soaking through. Of course we have installed the state of the art high-tech membrane, but the DWR coating is the first line of defence to mother nature.