Five wonderful ways to spend Mother’s Day on a budget

Five wonderful ways to spend Mother’s Day on a budget

With Mother’s day just around the corner, it’s time to ponder what we can do for the woman who gave us life, the woman who has guided our journey with love and support. We owe so much gratitude to our mothers - they are doctors, therapists, protectors, safe places, purveyors of love and nourishment and so much more. So Mother’s Day is one of the most visceral and special holidays of the year.
But what to get the woman who gave you everything, especially if you’re on a tight budget? The way we see it, an experience is significantly more valuable than any jewel or expensive trinket. It’s not objects that we celebrate on this important day, it’s our moms, all they do for us, and our connection with them that truly makes Mother’s Day what it is. With that in mind, we’re here to show you that you can create everlasting Mother’s Day memories this year, without exhausting your wallet. Here are a few ways to give mom an unforgettable Mother’s day on a budget!


1. Take an art class together

Whether it’s painting, sculpture, scrapbooking or pottery, using your hands to create something beautiful is a wonderful way to bond and connect with a common goal, and you’ll have something to take away afterwards! Bonus points if you give your mom what you created after the class. After all, moms are famous for saying “the best gift you can give me is something you made yourself”- and that doesn’t just apply to us as children. Turn that mentality into a gift you give your mom in your adult life and see the delight in her eyes, at the same time offering her a hands-on experience with you that she will never forget. Check your local community centres- most offer these types of one-day classes at low cost!


2. Give the gift of photos

Photos are precious memories, moments frozen in time to enjoy forever. Moms love photos of their children, so go through all your old pics and maybe even take some
new portraits of you and your siblings. Select the best of the best, and put them in a beautiful photo album for mom. Another photo related idea? Hire a student photographer to take some new family portraits in the park - moms LOVE when their whole family gets together for a photo. Then have the best photo printed onto a canvas and present it to mom to put on display wherever she chooses.


3. Make her favourite meal

Give mom a well deserved break from the kitchen by gathering all the ingredients for her favourite dinner and dessert and treating her to a home cooked meal, where the guest of honour doesn’t have to lift a finger! Plan it out perfectly, maybe even presenting handmade menus and fresh flowers as centrepieces. Mom will always remember the time you made her the perfect Mother’s Day meal! Plus, without the noisy chatter at a restaurant where you’ll encounter a lot of other people’s energy, at home you can fully focus on mom and your intimate dinner together.


4. Go on a nature walk

Connecting with Mother Earth is a wonderful - and free! - way to connect with your own mother. Do some forest bathing, walk along an ocean, river, lake or beach, or find a trail you’ve never taken, and gather some souvenirs like wildflowers and stones to remember the day. Don’t forget to take some selfies of you and your mom out in nature so that years from now, you can revisit that perfect hike or stroll. If you’ve got a little extra in your budget, spoil mom and yourself with beautiful new Mia Melon jackets to wear on your walk! :) We happen to have a very special sale in honour of Mother’s Day, so head over to the sale page and enjoy a BOGO 40% off as well as free shipping over $125! :) 

5. Movie night/Slumber party

Gather two or three of your mom’s favourite movies, and her favourite snacks, and have a good old fashioned slumber party movie night! Add wine, chocolate, face masks, massages- whatever makes your mom feel relaxed and special. Pampering your mother this way allows her to feel important and lets her get some unforgettable quality time with you - and if you ask any mother, they’re likely to tell you there’s no better gift than that.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Mia Melon! :)