How to Buy a Timeless Weatherproof Coat to Wear for Years

How to Buy a Timeless Weatherproof Coat to Wear for Years

Whether you live in an area where the winters seem to last forever or where you only pull your weatherproof coat from the closet a few times a year, owning a timeless coat is essential. Having to shop for a weatherproof coat each year is time consuming and expensive. But with changing trends and fashions, how can you buy a timeless, flattering weatherproof coat that draws compliments for years to come? 


Adjust Your Outerwear Mindset

Most women think of their weatherproof coat as a necessary and functional garment to be worn over their carefully planned outfit. When you shop for a timeless coat, you must think of it as a centerpiece of your personal style. 

When you enter a room or building from a blistering storm, your weatherproof coat communicates who you are and how you dress. Your outerwear creates a first impression and should be planned accordingly. 


Focus on Function

It is easy to get caught up in the moment while on a euphoric shopping high and purchase that super adorable coat, only to find out later that the wind slices right through. Investing in a timeless weatherproof coat involves some research. Let's start by considering your climate.

  • Mild and rainy. Places like Florida and Louisiana experience torrential rainful, but not much cold weather.  An ultra light water resistant, windproof shell with an urban casual vibe is the best choice for these climates. 
  • Cold and snowy. Heavy waterproof wool coats are perfect for Midwestern states or Oregon area. Waterproof and windproof technology coupled with a cozy micro fleece lined interior is the ideal combination for guaranteed warmth in harsh weather.
  • Cold and arid. The Dry West demands more versatile outerwear to account for dramatic shifts in temperature. While waterproof technology is less important than in other regions, owning a weatherproof coat that can be comfortably worn within a large range of temperatures is important. Look for a mid-weight liner paired with a medium weight cotton outer shell for breathability. 

Regardless of your climate, make sure that your weatherproof coat has a removable hood and protective collar to save you in weather emergencies.


Don't Compromise Style 

When shopping for a timeless weatherproof coat, there is no need to sacrifice style. Look for coats with classic lines but with a tailored shape allowing it to compliment a slim pant but also accentuate a more feminine dress. 

Don't be tempted to buy that coat in the newest bold color. To make sure that your timeless coat will remain stylish for years to come, opt for classic colors like charcoal, plum, black, brown or evergreen. 


You Can Have It All

Stride confidently into every season with a timeless weatherproof coat that makes you want to head outdoors regardless of the forecast. Don't ever sacrifice style for comfort, because you can have it all!