Being outdoors is one of the only safe ways to get out of the house in a pandemic. But as then prospect of a cold winter looms in front of us; how do we stay warm and dry in all the elements.....

While venturing into a freezing winter, whether on the east or west coast, the best way to stay warm is by having a genuinely weatherproof jacket. You want your jacket to be both waterproof and windproof; this is where we often face a problem as most jackets that meet these criteria are not fashion-forward. In this day and age, when leaving your home is an event within itself, you often want to look your best.

 Mia Melon jackets fit this niche as they combine fashion and weatherproofing. I am gonna suggest some jackets for a few different outdoor activities.

 First, the wool jackets which aren't like other wool jackets because they're waterproof! The Lexi Jacket is the perfect example with its classic silhouette and tie belt. The Lexi will have you look straight out of Paris, New York or Milan streetwear while you walk your dog or escape your house for the walk in the park. The Lexi has a cozy fleece lining while also being windproof and waterproof. And if you do have a dog, keep your eyes peeled for Mia Melon wool jackets that are coming soon.

 Or, if you can get on to the trails for some winter hiking, the Stella Performance Jacket with waterproof soft suede cotton will help you keep dry and warm while still looking good for that Instagram picture at the peak of your hike. It also has a purse pocket so you can leave your bag at home and carry all your hiking essentials in your jacket. The Performance is also a lightweight, breathable jacket, so it will keep you warm while not suffocating you while you need to do all the things you need to do.

 If you run a little colder (or live in a freezing place) and want some extra warmth, there are a few insulted jackets to choose from. The Quilted insulated linings are High tech Sorona insulation that mimics goose or duck down but do better in wet climates while being Eco friendly.

 The insulted Whitney with its body-con fit and Rockstar hood will have you looking like a Rockstar up to -25C. With its cotton blend, it's perfect for streetwear to snowshoeing. It's ideal for those halfway through snowball fights; you'll be the driest out of all your friends. The windproofing will keep you warm when those biting winter winds whip up. Or if you want the wool style, you can try the Anna, which in the royal looking deep teal and faux fur lined hood will have you looking like royalty while keeping you dry and warm up to -30C. Perfect for that pre (or post!) sled family picture or a socially distanced skating session at an outdoor rink.