Why a wool coat is a wonderful choice this winter

Why a wool coat is a wonderful choice this winter

by Mia Melon blogger Stephanie Deline

Winter is here again!

Depending on your location, old man winter may bring rock your winter wonderland with ice and snowstorms, torrential downpours or any number of weather-related woes. But one thing you can count on in any climate is Mia Melon bringing you supreme weather protection that always looks amazing. One such example would be our WOOL COAT COLLECTION. Since introducing them, we've had tons of questions about wool and what it can do for you. With that in mind, we thought this was the perfect time to talk about our favourite natural fibre.


Wool has long been revered for its ability to lend ample warmth to those who wear it, but it presents a plethora of other benefits as well. In this post, we explore all the wonderful things that a wool coat can bring to its wearer. We’re answering the top three most asked questions about coats crafted with this incredible, natural and durable material. Without further ado - let’s get wooly!

Q: What happens when wool gets wet?

A: Wool does not absorb water, so unlike some fabrics, wool does not become full of water when drenched. Rather, it’s almost like a wetsuit. Because water cannot reach the interior of the fiber,

Wool can get take a soaking without any disastrous consequences. Even when it gets SOPPING wet, the air pockets inside the fiber still offer insulation, fighting to help keep you cozy and dry. It's a coveted material for outdoorsmen worldwide, loved for its ability to retain its shape and thermal abilities even after it gets wet, which is not the case for most fabrics. In other words, you can feel comfortable if you get caught in a rainstorm in your will coat.




We wouldn't necessarily suggest going out and intentionally getting your wool soaked, but you should feel comfortable wearing wool in wet weather, without worrying that it's going to be destroyed. Wool can actually absorb roughly half its weight in water without feeling wet or suffering detrimental damage.

So, to sum it up- can you wear wool coats in the rain? The answer is a resounding YES! And now that we've told you what happens when wool gets wet, we hope you feel inspired to get your own wool coat this season. Mia Melon wool coats go the extra mile by incorporating our breathable membrane and special waterproof and windproof technology, so you're covered no matter what the elements throw at you!

Q: What are the benefits of wool?

A: There are many benefits to be enjoyed from wearing wool. Among them:

  • Wool is extremely insulative.

  • Wool is wrinkle resistant.

  • Wool retains its shape.

  • Wool is flame resistant.

  • Wool is very strong and durable.

  • Wool is comfortable in all seasons.

  • Wool is luxurious and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Wool repels moisture and sheds water.

Q: Is wool sustainable?

A: YES! One of the most wonderful things about wool is that it is very sustainable. Wool is recyclable and renewable, since all wool coated animals produce a new fleece annually. Any old wool that cannot be recycled can be composted since the diners decompose and become fertilizer. This means wool has no place in a landfill and that's great news for the environment. Being a natural fiber as opposed to an oil-based synthetic also wins wool some major sustainability points. In short, wool is one of the most sustainable materials you can buy!

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