Women's Travel Clothes for Europe

Women's Travel Clothes for Europe

Women’s travel clothes for Europe: What to pack

Don’t be the “tacky tourist” on your next vacation because looking like a tourist can attract pickpockets and scammers, and isn’t a very fashionable look. Dressing like the locals will help you blend in and get a more authentic European travel experience. 

In this article, we’re going to share what travel clothes you should pack for visiting Europe and a few tips for helping you look like a fashionable European woman out-and-about town—and not a tacky tourist.  

 Pack clothing with multiple uses

One of our best packing tips for Europe is wearing clothes that can be mixed and matched. Neutral colors are great for travelling because they can be worn repeatedly in different combinations on your trip. Many Europeans favour neutral dress, which provides excellent options for cross-coordinating your wardrobe.

Some other packing tips and ideas for travel clothing with multiple uses include:

  • High-waisted jeans: Any kind of jeans is a great, casual look with any top. The high-waisted, wide-leg look is popular on runways and on city streets. Jeans are also a popular European fashion wardrobe staple for many women, so you’ll fit right in.
  • Tank tops: These are easy to wear under your outfits and don’t take up much space in your luggage. Tank tops are timeless pieces that are flattering and easily paired with cardigans and sweaters or worn on their own (with a coverup when you’re in more conservative regions of Europe). 
  • Dresses: Pack at least one cute, lightweight dress, especially when travelling to the beach towns in southern Europe. They’re easy to pack, and the right flowy dress helps you look more like a local. 

European women are known to dress conservatively. While some Europeans tend toward flashier clothes, you’ll find more women wearing casual, comfortable clothing.

Pack a lightweight jacket

A jacket can be one of the bulkiest things to pack in your luggage unless you get the right one. Look for a lightweight jacket that provides good weather and water resistance. 

The Mia Melon Stella P+ jacket is a great travel jacket for colder months in Europe. It packs small and will keep you warm and dry while sightseeing. It also comes with a mini purse that attaches to the inside. It’s a handy and fashionable jacket that will help you fit in with the locals.  

View more weatherproof jackets for women. 

Pack appropriate footwear

Depending on your itinerary and time of year, another one of our top packing tips is to bring several pairs of shoes, including: 

Running shoes

Bring a supportive pair of ankle boots or running shoes. These will come in handy when walking through many old parts of European towns, and the cobblestone streets are a killer in high heels unless you’re used to these uneven roads. And, after a long day of sightseeing, your feet will thank you for the extra support.


A pair of cute sandals can be a great casual footwear option. They’re perfect for the beach in Southern Europe, when you head to a public bath or sauna, and are quick and easy to slip on to pop down to the hotel front desk for more shampoo. 

Evening shoes

Always be prepared for special occasions by packing a pair of dressy evening shoes. High heels are always a great option, but to avoid the heels breaking in your suitcase or on the cobblestone streets, a nice pair of black, dressy flats work and pack well too.

Pack fashion accessories

Here are a few European fashion-inspired accessories to pack on your next trip to Europe:


Cool sunglasses are a must so you can see all the amazing sights of the continent without squinting. Many European women wear designer frames, so bring your very best shades for your trip. Pack them in a hard-sided case to protect them from damage in your luggage. 

Sun hat

A baseball cap screams that you’re from North America. A lightweight sun hat or other fashionable head covering is more casual for European style.  


Many Europeans wear scarves as a fashion statement, and they have functional purposes too. Not only can the perfect scarf be worn in many ways, but it’s also a great accessory to have for visiting religious sites that require women to cover their shoulders or head. Pack a few silk or cotton scarves in your bag (this is great for mixing and matching too). 

Pack a good purse

A telltale sign of a tourist is the big bulky backpack. If you don’t need to carry a lot of gear during day trips, consider a more subtle purse or crossbody bag. If you don’t want to bring one from home, Europe has some super cute purses and brands (like Prada and Gucci) that you can buy when you’re there. 

Or, if you’re bringing your Stella P+ travel jacket, it comes with a discrete, removable purse that snaps in a secure location inside the coat. It’s the perfect size for your lipstick, ID and passports, credit cards, and some cash. It eliminates the need to bring a larger bag or purse on day trips. 

More European travel tips

Here are some more tips when it comes to fashion and your wardrobe when you travel Europe:

  • Cover up: In some parts of Eastern Europe, there is a dress code when visiting churches or places of worship. Many will ask that you cover below the knee and no tank tops. If you choose to wear a tank, consider bringing a lightweight, breezy scarf to cover your shoulders when entering these locations.
  • Public transportation: In many cities in Europe, you either walk everywhere or take public transport. It’s often jam-packed on an average day, but in the high season for tourism, public transportation can get much busier, increasing your chances of being targeted by a pick-pocket. Anytime you’re on public transit or in a crowded area, wear your backpack or purse on your front, or tuck your purse inside your jacket (or wear the Stella P+ jacket with the hidden purse). 

European fashion for cold weather

Travelling throughout Europe during cold weather seasons requires extra gear to keep you warm. Here are a few items to add to your packing list for Fall and winter in Europe:

  • A warm jacket: Bring a jacket with some warmth. A trench coat is a good option because it’s fashionable and you can wear it on the plane, so it doesn’t take up space in your suitcase. The Alexa Light Waterproof Trenchcoat is a good option without too much bulk. Trench coats are popular in Europe, and here are some tips on wearing them the French way
  • Rain gear: Fall and winter are often rainy seasons in Europe, so it’s important to pack the perfect rain gear (without looking like a tourist). If you’re not expecting too much rain, leather jackets can provide some resistance to a light sprinkling. 
  • Gloves and warm scarves: Pack neutral colour gloves and warmer scarves in your suitcase when you visit Europe in colder months. These shouldn’t take up too much space, and you’ll be glad you brought them!

What NOT to wear

When travelling in Europe, there are some things to avoid wearing:

  • Flashy jewelry: This can attract unwanted attention (and thieves). Subtle or no jewelry is often safer. 
  • Shorts (sometimes): You won’t typically see Europeans wear shorts in the city or through a museum. It’s not forbidden, but they’re more likely to wear shorts to the beach. If you’re travelling to Europe during summer, consider capri pants or dresses instead. 
  • Baseball caps: Most European women wear more fashionable hats, which don’t include a ballcap (or baseball cap). If you wear a baseball cap, you’re announcing to the world that you’re from North America, attracting more unscrupulous characters and “touristy” treatment. 
  • Too much makeup: European women seem to love the au natural look for their make-up. Pack a few essentials for your make-up bag, and choose one bold red lipstick (it’s the one colour Persian women love to wear the most). 

Popular travel clothing brands and products

Wearing the right outfits in Europe needs to be fashionable and functional because you’ve got limited space in your suitcase and carry-on luggage. Here are some popular clothing brands that make excellent travel clothes for women: 

Mia Melon (jackets)

Mia Melon has many options for weatherproof, warm, and functional jackets. For example, the new Hannah waterproof jacket has a warm microfleece lining that will help you stay warm and dry, even in a London rainstorm. 

Sketchers (shoes)

You can wear GOWalk shoes from Sketchers all day. They feature a great slip-on design, flexible traction outsole, and a high-rebound Goga Max® cushioned insole. These are some of the best travel shoes to wear while sightseeing.   

Bluffworks (travel dress) 

Wearing wrinkled clothes is just plain embarrassing, but it’s often a fact of life when you’re travelling. A great alternative to wrinkled clothes is the Aries Wrap Dress. It resists wrinkles and odors, and contains six discrete pockets (three with zippers), including a hidden passport pocket at the waist and a card pocket at the chest. 

Eddie Bauer (pants)

Travel pants from Eddie Bauer are great for your European vacation. Their Guide Ripstop Cargo Ankle Pants contain a hidden zipper pocket two-way stretch fabric, and their lightweight Trail Breeze Crop pants are made for all things active, including a day of sightseeing in Europe. 

You’re almost ready for your trip!

We hope this travel packing list helps you when traveling to Europe. This region is full of European Fashion capitals like London, Paris, and Rome, and you can wear outfits to show off your personal style. You’re going to have a great time as long as you pack the right gear.

If you’re looking to wear an excellent weatherproof coat or jacket traveling to Europe, Mia Melon has what you need. Whether you’re looking for something weatherproof and lightweight or something with the warmth of wool, our jackets will help you blend in with European style and have all the features you need to be comfortable while taking in the sights of great European countries.