Dress for Cold, Rainy Weather Like a Boss

Dress for Cold, Rainy Weather Like a Boss

Not long ago dressing for cold, rainy weather meant that women were trudging down the street wearing giant puffy coats and clunky waterproof boots. Hats and scarfs topped off the awkward ensemble, but at least you were warm.

Every morning when you dressed for cold, wet weather you had to decide- Do I want to look cute or do I want to be warm? Thanks to technological and design advances in weatherproof jackets, you no longer have to choose comfort over fashion. You can look like a boss every day. 


The Science Behind Flattering Weatherproof Jackets

It is rare to find a weatherproof jacket that is stylish and protective. Vancouver BC companies like Mia Melon have leveraged science to design protective garments that you will want to wear even when the weather is sunny. 


Weatherproof Fabrics

Polyester and nylon are great waterproof fabrics, but are not fashionable or tailored. Using cotton, wool, and twill provide a much sleeker look and feel. Inner micro-fleece linings add luxurious comfort and lasting warmth. Special waterproof and windproof thermal membranes are bonded in between the micro-fleece and outer fabric. This thin layer of material magically keeps the wind and cold out while holding your body heat in to maintain an ideal body temperature. 


DWR Technology

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is an environmentally friendly waterproof treatment that allows cotton, wool, twill and other fabrics to perform well in wet environments. When flattering cotton shells are treated with DWR, they battle bad weather while you look like a boss. 

Owning a few flattering weatherproof jackets in an array of bold colors and styles is the first step in dressing for cold, rainy weather like a boss. 


Layering Like a Boss

A weatherproof jacket will battle most of the elements for you, but you may need to add some layering as well. Underneath your Mia Melon outerwear, here are two additional layers to consider:

  • Middle Layer- A middle insulating layer, like a sweater, fleece, or thermal shirt can add an extra layer of warmth. This layer should be snug, but not tight fitting.
  • Base Layer- Polyester or any wicking material is the best choice for your base layer. Avoid cotton for this layer, as any moisture will sit on your skin. 


Protective Accessories

High quality weatherproof jackets will have detachable hoods and high funnel necks that are so versatile in cold, wet weather that you will immediately look like a boss. The right weatherproof jacket makes a hat and scarf unnecessary. All that is left is a sleek pair of gloves and some trendy rain boots to complete your bad weather boss look.

Say goodbye to dreading the weekly forecast of cold rain and gloom. You will be excited to throw on your  flattering weatherproof jacket and hit the town like the boss that you are.