Pack the Perfect Rain Gear Without Looking Like a Tourist

Pack the Perfect Rain Gear Without Looking Like a Tourist

Whether you are preparing for a long weekend or an extended travel itinerary, it is tough to pack the perfect rain gear without looking like an obvious tourist. Of course we hope for spectacular weather, but stormy skies can come at any time. Frequent travelers long to blend into their surroundings and assimilate with ease. So how can you protect yourself from the elements while wearing flattering rain gear that doesn’t announce that you are a tourist?

We can help. Use the following tips to pack rain gear for rainy weather with ease.

Ditch the Poncho

Nothing screams “TOURIST” as much as a bulky poncho. Although ponchos may pack well for travel, they are hideous and will announce you as a tourist to every passerby. Whether you are accustomed to rainy weather or not, the right outerwear will not only protect you from bad weather, but will also look like it is a deliberate part of your outfit.

Protect Your Head

Wearing a hat may temporarily protect your head and hair from wet weather, but will quickly turn to a soggy mess with a downpour. Purchase hooded, weatherproof rain gear to make sure that when you step inside, your tresses look unaffected by the undesirable weather. A stylish rain jacket with a removable hood allows you to be prepared for any forecast.

Flattering Rain Gear

Pay Attention to Weatherproof Fabric

How many times have you sacrificed comfort for style or style for comfort? It is no longer necessary to choose because the latest fabric technology allows you to stay dry while sporting fashionable rain gear that turns heads-in a good way. Fashion forward companies, like Mia Melon, design jackets using "weatherproof me" technology which includes a performance membrane. DWR technology is also used as a secondary waterproofing to transform luxurious fabrics into weatherproof outerwear. Waterproof and windproof high quality inner membranes are important to look for when shopping for a performance rain jacket that will also flatter.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

Rain boots are no longer clunky and unsightly. Plan to keep your toes dry with comfortable and fashionable rain boots. The latest weatherproof footwear is comfortable enough to visit the sights all day, but protective enough for trudging through puddles.

Keep Your Smart Devices Dry

If you are shopping for outerwear for your upcoming travel, opt for a rain jacket with weatherproof, zipped pockets. If your rain gear doesn’t have protective pockets, pack a couple of ziplock bags to protect your devices during a torrential downpour. Nothing is worse than navigating a foreign country without your smart device.

Go ahead, pack light like a tourist without looking like one. With a bit of preparation, a brief education about the latest weatherproof technology, and an adventurous attitude, you will soon be jet setting while mixing in naturally with the locals.